Plugin Alley is the Bi-Product of John’s Passion for Music and everything it take’s to get a song from concept to reality. Like so many of us in Audio Production John grew up playing guitar in several bands which lead to recording in several studio’s across Southern California. After many bad experience’s paying to have engineer’s ruin recording John decided it was time to learn how to record band’s. This decision would end up lighting a new passion and consuming him. His love for collecting guitar’s amp’s, pedal’s would lead to his obsession over DAW’s and Plugin’s! Researching all the tools available what do they do, how do people use them? What are way’s people can use them that they haven’t thought of?

After year’s of working in audio and gaining friendship within the Recording Industry, John knew it was time to start Plugin Alley. “I am active in so many forum’s online, and talk with so many engineer’s –  a common theme was long searches through forum’s looking for “The Best Plugin for this and that”, along with every possible discount under the sun. I never understood why there wasn’t a hub to get great price’s but also direct people looking for information on let’s say Empricial Lab’s Arousor Plugin all in one place instead of waisting so much time not being creative. From there all these idea’s started to shoot off in my head and I knew I had an idea for something I wanted even for myself. End of the day I want to save people time so they can stay creative.”