John Maciel - Founder

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to read our “About Us” page, and to see what makes Plugin Alley so different from all your other options out there.

I have been in audio for roughly 10 years now. Like so many I started in a band, which leads to the all too familiar story we know and love. What ended up happening was that I became curious of what the guy behind the computer was doing, and thought to myself that I could probably do the same, if not better. In that journey, I bought my first Mbox 2 with Pro-Tools LE 7.4, and that’s when gear acquisition syndrome started. Before I knew it, I was buying plugin after plugin, anything that I saw in magazines -YouTube wasn’t a thing just yet when I started. I also referenced the Charles Dye “Mix it Like A Record” DVD a lot.

For myself, audio production wasn’t a hobby, it was a calling. I continued through ups and downs to follow that path. The journey lead me to my, still current, position as an Assistant Engineer for Beau Burchell (; producer/mixer as well as founder and guitarist for the band “Saosin”. Before landing the opportunity with Beau, I realized there wasn’t a unique place that helped us engineers save time with a purchase. If I wanted to know if a bus compressor sounded great on country or metal track, I was stuck with several hundred videos of basic shoot outs and forums with a terrible amount of unhelpful threads.

With that Plugin Alley was born in the Summer of 2017. I wanted to partner with audio professionals and peers in the industry who use a wide variety of plugins from the site and ultimately create a community for audio engineers. Think the old TV Show “Home Improvement”; everyone goes to the local hardware shop and talks with the owner and staff to establish a relationship through discussing the tools that do and do not work for the task at hand.

The best part of this journey? My work in making records you can view My Credits Here. I have become friends with many industry-leading professionals, and also the companies that develop the software they use. Being active in the audio world and knowing developers, I have created a unique way to link software companies even closer to those of us who use their products, and more importantly, help all of us stay creative and use the tools that are going to provide a way for us continue to make great music.

Plugin Alley is just having giving users like myself a connection to the brands you love, and the companies who make them. Remember going to your local music store and chatting it up with the employees, talking about the newest gear or music? That is what Plugin Alley is all about, an audio shop you can call your own.

Charlie Abend - VP Content Music

Growing up in Massachusetts, it was impossible to ignore the overwhelming presence of the hardcore/metal scene in the area. Going to local shows gave me my first taste of this scene, and the passion its people have for music. At a young age, I put together my closest friends and formed a band to join in on the fun. Playing in bands for so long now, I have recorded my fair share of releases and seen a handful of incredible recording studios. But for years as a performing musician, the subtle, technical aspects of the studio were shrouded in mystery to me. Eventually, I started to understand what a producer/engineer really was. The idea of making records of all kinds of styles every day, instead of just once a year for my own band, was a fascinating concept to 16-year-old me, so I bought a POD Ux2 and got started making recordings.
Now, almost 9 years later, I am the guy sitting behind the computer, not the guy on stage. Many bands have been kind enough to trust me with their work, and I have helped produce many records for local bands in my area. Recording in a home studio environment with nothing but your imagination and some less than ideal mics/pres can be a huge challenge, so I am always looking for software to make my work easier and more efficient. I owe it to the bands I work with to give them the best experience I can, and a lot of software companies are putting out quality products that help me do just that. Plugin Alley is just the next step of assisting people to make records faster and with more focus. For me, finding plugins and companies that are focused on assisting artists in creating is what’s most exciting about being a part of plugin alley. We are your consultant and confidant for your audio world.

Gabe Caraballo - VP Media Content Post

Growing up as a military child, it was almost impossible to avoid an abundance of music scenes. In fact, my brother introduced me to the Nu-Metal scene at a very young age; a moment that would drive my taste in music altogether for years to come. Blaring “Linkin Park”, “P.O.D.”, and various underground artists of the early 2000’s, I began to dissect their production styles. Eventually, I thought to myself that I wanted to make music just as my favorites do. However,, not being musically versed or even trained in an instrument, I hit a stopping point. One day, I happened to ask a friend of mine how I could go about redoing this segment of a Rammstein song; he presented Cool Edit Pro. Things were never the same. Being self-taught in all facets of my work, I began creating mashups of different songs and remixing all my favorites of that time. However, the desire to create my own was reignited, and I started delving into the world of synthesis and sampling. Stepping off with all but the essentials and of course the staple of production: FL Studio, I set my path.

Here I am, over a decade later, listening to bands productions and directing the after image. Producers and audio professionals trust me to develop a sound that will enhance the vision of their project. These days, I can work in-the-box (ITB) entirely without ever having to touch a dial; allowing me instant recall of a synth, FX chain, or plugin setting. My arsenal has become abundant and filled with creative tools and also knowledge. Working with Plugin Alley has allowed me to open myself up to even further avenues of production, putting me in the spotlight for exponential growth. Plugin Alley invests the time into providing dedicated and detailed feedback to save you time and get you where you want to be with your sound. No more aimless wandering through plugin after plugin looking to find “the one,” Plugin Alley does the dirty work and helps you deliver results.

Enrico Ruotolo - VP Sales