How To Up Level Your Audio Engineering In Just 10 Minutes!

By John Maciel

An Equalizer alone won’t save a mix

“How do you get big rock guitars in a mix?”

“How do you get a clean mix and cut the mud out?”

Everyone at Plugin Alley, including myself, have asked these questions- just as many of you reading this have. It’s always chalked up to industry trade secrets or some special sauce of the ages; but, it’s easier than that. This is the no-bull method of the proven way to become the Engineer, Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer you were meant to be!

If you don’t know what you’re hearing wrong, you can’t fix it. Learn in weeks what takes other engineers years! – TrainYourEars

The New TrainYourEars V2

Truth is, it takes years to learn how to hear the problem frequencies that are not allowing you to achieve those desired professional results.

You can continue going the traditional route, the one where you keep tracking the artist and then mixing over and over, and over, and….well, you get the point.

Then hopefully, a “Eureka!” moment happens! Although, it almost never does. Want friends and clients asking how you achieved such mastery?

Just practice active listening in as little 10-15 minutes a day and they will all be wondering how it’s even possible to have leveled up in such a short time.

With a counting of time just a little less than all your fingers and toes, your mixes will start leveling up. What happens after that? The obvious, of course! Your peers will be asking you for the same industry secret! Then? Your clients will begin bragging about you, and most likely to your future client. I’m sure you can see where this is heading.

TrainYourEars V2 is designed to be incredibly simple and easy for anyone to jump right in. You, as the user, have the option to test your ears in their ability to hear frequency ranges using pre-generated quizzes or your favorite records. I sometimes prefer using my own material, as I can get personalized quizzes to test my ears while enjoying all my favorite songs!

Let me thoroughly explain the broad, complex, rigorous training program I’ve been talking about-

TrainYourEars works in 4 simple steps:

1. You hear the audio signal (white/pink noise or music)
2. You listen to it again with random EQ applied
3. You guess which parameters were applied
4. You check to see if you were correct or not

This simple routine allows your ears to develop your listening abilities quick, saving you time and bringing maximum results. You’ll go from zero to hero when working on productions with your clients as you’ll be making decisions faster and confidently.

The Plugin Alley Staff and I CAN NOT recommend TrainYourEars enough. We want YOU become the Audio Engineer you are destined to be! Click Here and get an additional 10% off TrainYourEars!

Turn 3 years of trial and error into 3 months of focus to achieve professional results, and soon people will be asking you to train THEIR ears.

What are your techniques for developing your critical listening skills? Let us know in the Plugin Alley Facebook Group!

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